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Our goal is to educate and assist people in transforming their lives. Our efforts are driven towards helping people live a holistic life, where body, mind, and spirit are in balance. These are just a few of the tools supporting that effort and they are often used in combination or conjunction with each other.

Coaching & Mindset Tools

Our mindset tools will help you gain empowered clarity, and together we will devise a plan so you have motivation to take action. Having a personal coach support you and hold you accountable is key to your success. You are the creator of your dreams! 

Includes: Life/Motivational Support and Sacred Soul Spiritual Coaching, Affirmations and more.

Best for: Clarity, fulfillment, emotional and decision support.

Spiritual and Life Coaching at Energy Health CLinic

Distance Energy Healing & Reiki

Our distance energy healing modalities help remove blocks and imbalances in the body's subtle energy system, supporting the body in creating balance and well-being.

Includes: Energy healing and Reiki.

Best for: Ease, relaxation and feelings of well-being and at homeness.



Comprehensive Tapping for Trauma Relief

Comprehensive tapping, or Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. Also known as tapping or psychological acupressure.

Includes: EFT, RET

Best for: Ease, relaxation and feelings of well-being and at homeness.



Positive Hypnosis & Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

Positive Hypnosis is a gentle, yet powerful, way for you to access your deeper mind, and create real change from the inside-out. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, the practitioner is your guide who assists you in making the change. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is used for personal growth challenges, such as stress, negative beliefs, habits and behavioral patterns. It is a hybrid of hypnosis and cognitive therapy styles. NLP is a practical technique that helps to change the way that you think, view past events, and approach your life.

Includes: Positive Hypnosis and NLP

Best for: Ease, relaxation and feelings of well-being and at homeness.


Tropical Beach at Sunset

Tao Healing Hands

Tao healing releases negative information and addresses issues at their root cause. Gentle healing in all areas: environment, career, finances, emotions, health, relationships, and more. The Tao Practitioner connects with a healing field of the Tao Source to offer this life transformation at the deepest levels. In addition to addressing the condition or issue at hand, the Tao Practitioner shows a path to transform the condition or issue.

Includes: Tao Healing

Best for: Comfort, release and deep transformation.



Golden Light Ascension Energy

Experience healing light frequencies to raise your vibrations and align with your highest expression. We use the harmonious energies of love to activate your light chakras to invite internal and external peace into your life. You may experience greater ease and enhanced clarity of mind, body and spirit through this technique.

Includes: Golden Light Ascension Energy

Best for: Calm, clarity, and realignment.




Guided Meditation is a deep relaxation process. It is designed for those who want to be more mindful, go deeper spiritually or are not comfortable with hypnosis. Guided Meditation moves you into a calm state of mind that will stay with you throughout the day. We use visualization techniques to create the change you want.

Includes: Guided Meditation

Best for: Ease, relaxation and feelings of well-being and at homeness.


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Sarah Reviewer

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